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Q? How Long Before My Website Is Finished?


The timescale of building a website depends on many factors. Dunamis cooperates closely with clients while developing a website and much depends on the client. However, if you have a deadline fixed we will put in an extra effort to meet your deadline and finish the website in a planned timeline.

Q? How Much Does It Cost Developing A Professional Website?


The costs depend on the content and the technical complexity. We develop custom websites and the cost depends on a client’s requirements. Request a Quote and we will be able to make you an offer.

Q? Any Help For Small Businesses


Yes Dunamis is offering FREE website design to the first 20 small businesses that take up this offer in 2013. You only need to pay for your yearly web hosting. We will design a professional website for you with the same quality just as if you were paying for it. We will make you look good online. Take this opportunity whilst the offer lasts. It's on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us NOW!

Q? Can I Update My Website Myself?


The update of your website depends on the amount of content and technical complexity. We will advise you which method will be suitable, once we agree on which type of website you would like to develop, be it small business, corporate, or for individual use.

Q? What Techniques Do You Use When Developing A Website


We are proficient in PHP, Ajax, ASP, Java, HTML, flash, CMS, CSS, and much more.

Q? Will My Website Be Search Engine-Friendly


We develop search engine friendly websites and this is an integral part of our services.

Q? Do You Design For Printing?


YES. Here at Dunamis, we undertake all types of design work from simple flyers to big outdoor banners, catalogs, books and much more. Just contact us with your requirements and we will be sure to help you.

Q? Which file formats do you accept?


If you've created your own artwork, we can print directly from most popular PC and Mac file types, however, we prefer high quality PDF or JPGs.

Q? What Is The Minimum Order For Diaries And Calendars


The minimum order for diaries, calendars and most other print material (apart from banners) is 50. For some it may be more than 100. Contact us

Q? How quickly will you print my order?


All our print orders will be delivered 3 - 4 weeks from proof approval. However, we can deliver much quicker for an extra cost.

Q? How long will personalized diary orders take


Personalized diaries order will be delivered between 4 - 6 weeks after proof approval date and also depending on the quantity.

Q? How do I advertise in the Yellow Pages


To advertise in the print version, you would have to contact us before it is printed. This is usually announce on the sierra leone yellow pages website. On the other hand, if you have missed the print version, register your company on the website.

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