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Web Development Process

People are creating their identities online to bring improvements in their business. Doing an online business helps to increase your profit level and can reach out people world wide. Dunamis is here to help you.  It is our responsibility to make you look good online and we take it seriously!

PHASE ONE: Analysis & Information Gathering

After receiving a Quote we will get in contact with you. We start to gather information about your business goals so we can understand your company. We also inquire about the purpose of the site, whether you would like to sell your products online, build an informational site and learn more about your target audience.

PHASE TWO: Web Planning

After gathering of information we go to the phase of planning of your web strategy. We put together a map of your site and suggest our solutions. However, this step involves a client’s input.

PHASE THREE: First Design Draft

With information and site map in hand, we can start to design your website. We define the look and feel, style of your website. The most important element is a target audience, we follow these directions when we draft one or more prototypes. This way you can choose a prototype and suggest in which direction you would like to go.

PHASE FOUR: Development Of Your Website

This phase involves the coding and development of all other applications for the site depending on the type of site you have chosen (eCommerce, brochure site, informational site, HTML or flash based site)

PHASE FIVE: Delivery

This phase involves the delivery of finished product-website. This is the final touch and it also includes the testing of the website: Probing the functionality, optimization and code validation. Once you approve the final product then the website can be uploaded and launched.

PHASE SIX: Webhosting & Maintenance

Unless you have your own webhost, Dunamis is happy to host your website for an affordable fee. We are also able to maintain(update) your website for a monthly(or yearly) recurring fee. This is all optional except for those on the FREE Website Package

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